Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Closet Raider [Active/Open]

Characters: Rayne, Suigintou
Setting: Princess Bedroom
Time: Day 004, Mid morning
Summary: Rayne bravely raids Larxene's closet without realizing why it's brave, and Suigintou finds her there.
Warnings: Rayne and Suigintou are in a scene together. We all know this can't end well.

So far, the day had been uneventful. She had woken up from being dead, and been held hostage inside a blue psychic sphere by what she assumed was a mutant cat. Later, after leaving Namine to make a quick detour into the maid's quarters to steal some of the servants' outfits from the closet there, she had encountered... Honestly, she didn't like to think about that. If there were characters from movies she knew here, did that mean that she was from some form of fiction to someone else? It was mind boggling, and she knew that no set answer would come to her if she thought about it. Either way, she had sewn a live ragdoll back together. She had trained with Namine again, after making sure she had eaten, and had measured her for new clothes. Sleeping and eating had obviously happened in between things, along with actually starting to make the clothes she had promised the girl.

Sleep was where Namine currently was now, where Rayne figured she would be fine by herself for the short amount of time it would take for her to find more clothes, and basically, more material. She had always seen the little room off one of the bedrooms in her aura vision sweeps of the house, and knew that it couldn't be a bathroom. Any extra bathroom in this house would be known about; with how few there were, word certainly would have spread. The dhampir had assumed it was a closet, and had assumed correctly. While her nose wrinkled at the decor of the room, she didn't waste time in mentally tearing down the decorations. She didn't want Namine to wake up alone. Moving over to the closet, the redhead glanced around at the selection of clothing, slowly raising an eyebrow. She hadn't seen clothes like this since... Honestly, this style of clothing had gone out of style before she was even born. By the time she was old enough to remember clothes, petticoats, corsets, and bodices were completely gone, and skirts were starting to shorten to show ankle. Only a few years later, the flapper girl style would become popular.

While Rayne despaired at having to lug the large sets of clothing back to the room, they were at least a blessing in the fact that they would give her plenty of material. Moving into the closet, she shook her head as she began to rummage through the racks. As she thought that this was normal in this house, she couldn't bring herself to be surprised.
Tags: !day 004, rayne (bloodrayne), suigintou (rozen maiden)
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