Fiona Belli (belliheiress) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Fiona Belli

I won't see you tonight [Active/Closed]

Characters: Fiona Belli, Zetsu, Lorenzo Belli
Setting: Gold Bathroom
Time: Day 004, evening, around the same time as the Simon/Mio thread.
Summary: Fiona becomes an hero, Zetsu finds her, Lorenzo finds Zetsu. Lulz and creepiness ensues.
Warnings: tl;drmeldoramafest, suicide, Lorenzo and Zetsu being creepy bastards.

Fiona Belli would have liked to have said she didn't know when things had started getting to her, but that wasn't entirely true. It was even before the house that it'd started, when her parents had been killed. When she'd been kidnapped, forced to kill or be killed. She'd managed to kill two people already - someone with the mind of a child and a big doll. She'd managed to get her only friend as she went through that Hellish place, her precious pup shot and undoubtedly killed.

Then she came here and things only got worse. The first person she'd met - the first person she thought she might be able to form a bond with - had been killed along with a stranger right in front of her, so soon after their meeting...of course, then she'd meet Courtney and Nanaki, but of course Nanaki had dropped off the face of the earth and she'd barely seen Courtney. Had the former even survived?, probably not. Probably not, she probably shouldn't have survived this long, either. She hadn't wanted to, not truthfully, she didn't know how or why she had...there was nothing left for her back home. Her parents were dead, Hewie was dead...everyone here was dying as well, so it was better this way, better not to have to deal with another night full of monsters and death and decay...Courtney would get along fine without her, too. It wasn't as though she'd ever done anything good for the poor girl, just weighed her down. That's all she'd ever done.

Down, not across...she remembered that. Kids were making some statement in regards to that trendy now, shoving it in people's faces. It barely mattered now. It hurt a lot, but she didn't mind. She hadn't deserved to survive, to come out unscathed to begin she left herself sitting in the bathtub (couldn't be bleeding all over the nice, clean floor...), craning her head back and thinking best she could as the moments, seeming like an eternity passed by. All the guilt and all the regrets she felt passed by her by for the extent of the time she could think clearly, her thoughts becoming more idle as a haze started to sink in. She quietly accepted it all, eventually finding herself losing consciousness.
Tags: !character death, !complete, !day 004, fiona belli (haunting ground), lorenzo belli (haunting ground), zetsu (naruto)
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