Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

What happens when you put a Rayne and a Dean in a storage closet? [Active/Open]

Characters: Rayne, Dean
Setting: Storeroom
Time: Day 004, Late Afternoon
Summary: A wild Rayne appears! Go, Dean!
Warnings: Rayne is Rayne. Dean is Dean.

Thinking on it, Rayne was sure that she currently looked ridiculous. Usually a woman dressed from head to toe in black leather, with steel spikes on her shows, and in possession more blades than a knife selling door to door salesman, the voluptuous dhampir was certain that her badass sexy image was highly diminished by the fact that her hands were not only filled with sewing supplies, but drawing supplies for Namine. After this thought, of course, she realized that she didn't particularly give a damn.

Stuffing the small sewing kit in a small pocket sewn into the inside of the hem of her pants, the redhead momentarily glanced down at the three knives, two guns, and the spare extra ammo she had, all sheathed and holstered. The knives were in specially made holsters, that were on the inside of them hem of her pants. The area between the top of her pants and the bottom of her corset would be completely bare, if it weren't for the three knife handles that pressed against her sides from where they were holstered, while her two guns were held in their holsters, worn on the outside of her thighs. In all honesty, she hadn't used many of these weapons since coming here, save the gun. Perhaps she should find a way to get rid of a few of them... After all, her two angels, and occasionally her specially made harpoon gun, worked just fine...

But then again, you never know when they might come in handy. Shaking her head to rid herself of the odd and distracting thoughts, Rayne went back to looking through the storeroom shelves, if only to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything specific.
Tags: !day 004, dean winchester (supernatural), rayne (bloodrayne)
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