Rosette Christopher (bearcatnun) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Rosette Christopher

London Bridge is falling down... [Complete]

Characters: Rosette Christopher
Setting: Entrance room, into Grand Room?
Time: Day 004, evening
Summary: Rosette arrives in the house~
Warnings: Nothing, thus far~

Rosette was walking, a bit tired, near the Order, when she was forced to let out a rather sudden and loud cry as she slipped in the mud, plummeting forward, and landing -

On marble floor.

She blinked up, expression quizzical and lost, before pulling herself to her feet, grumbling and dusting herself off. Her first concern might have been to worry about the other Sisters seeing her, and commenting on her clumsy behaviour - but then it fully sunk in, what was wrong. She was inside, away from the rain and, by the looks of things, nowhere near the Order, anymore.

And Chrono was nowhere to be found, either.

"Chrono?" she called, sounded a bit worried at first, before her expression changed to be more annoyed that anything else, tone matching. "This better not be some dumb joke!" she said, "Because if it is...!"

She paused when she received no answer, and tried again – her voice definitely sounding concerned, now. "...Chrono? Where are you?"

The teen paused as she took a better look around, before turning and trying the door – it didn’t budge, no matter how many times she pulling on it. She scowled and tugged with all her might, but still nothing. Deciding to try something else, then, she turned away – if she went inside, then she could maybe figure out exactly what was going on... not that she wasn’t wary, of course; she had been in enough dangerous situations and traps before (even recently) to figure out easy enough that there could be trouble. She drew her pistol, and started to slowly make her way toward the door of the room – presumably leading to the main house, after all.

She would just have to see what she found.
Tags: !complete, !day 004, rosette christopher (chrno crusade), saya (saya no uta), zetsu (naruto)
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