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Daffodil Story Time [Active/Closed]

Namine, Rayne
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom
Time: Day 004, late morning
Summary: Namine has nightmares. Rayne attempts to tell her a story. ...Oh boy.
Warnings: Rayne exists.

Namine was not completely aware that she was asleep.

  She was aware, after a fashion -- somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that this couldn't be real (although after suddenly ending up in this house, she was beginning to doubt her grasp of the laws of reality).  But for the most part, her mind was wrapped in sleep, lost in the sensations her sleeping mind provided.

  It was dark.  Not completely dark, but a sort of deep, blue-dark, like the early hours of the morning, or perhaps the afternoon.  She was in a hallway, and although she did not know where the hallway was or where it lead as it spread off to either side of her, she felt, as one often does in dreams, as though she knew what she was doing there.  She looked one way, and then the other, seeing nothing but a stretching hallway to her right, and a turn to her left.  She stepped out into the hallway and walked off towards the right, eyes following the line of doors in the wall, none of which she reached for.

  For a moment, she travelled the hallway without incident.  And then suddenly she felt a chill creep down her spine.  She tried to shake it off, but it wouldn't go away, and a moment later, she knew why -- something snatched at her fromt behind, a clawed, dark, shadowy hand.  She didn't need to see the details to know that she didn't want it touching her.  She cringed away, skin stinging from the touch.  She stumbled as more hands reached for her, each narrowly missing.  Needing no more incentive, she took off running, feeling the hands behind her still reaching, grabbing, trying to catch her, trying to stop her from getting away.  If this had been real, if she'd been in control, she would have asked, 'Where's Rayne?'  And in some part of her mind she did, desperately wondering where her salvation was, although the name of her guardian escaped her in this dream world -- the only thing she knew and wished for was the bleary form of safety that normally took the form of her roommate's presence.

  She was passing door after door, and no matter how fast or how far she ran, she couldn't reach the end of the hallway, couldn't try to open the doors -- she knew they would never open for her, anyway, and They were right behind her, right on her heels, ready to grab her the instant she stopped. 

  Something flashed in the corner of her eye, and instinctively she turned her head to look -- and she stopped.

  The hands curled around her, but suddenly their claws did not tear, their shapeless joints did not ensnare her -- suddenly they weren't even there at all, disappearing in one brief instant.  In front of her was what had made her stop -- a mirror.

  And she'd stopped... because the reflection in the mirror was Kairi's.

  Namine sat up suddenly in bed, a sharp, breathless cry of surprise escaping her throat.  Breathing hard, she looked around wildly, but instead of the endless hallway of her dream she saw the familiar yellow of the Daffodil Bedroom.  She stared at the yellow walls for a long moment, biting her lip, waiting for them to disappear and be replaced with that dark world.  But when they did not change, she let out a shuddering sigh, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms aroung them so tightly her arms shook, and pressed her forehead against her knees. 
Tags: !complete, !day 004, naminé (kingdom hearts), rayne (bloodrayne)
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