Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Fooooood [Active/Closed]

Characters: Rayne, Namine, Mewtwo, Zetsu, Mio
Setting: Blue Kitchen
Time: Day 004, Early Morning. Right after 'You Want Blood, You Got It.'
Summary: Rayne makes blood in a coffee pot. Zetsu projectile vomits. ...Luckily, not in the coffee pot.
Warnings: Rayne, Zetsu, and Mewtwo are in the same room.

Making sure her cloak was covering all bare skin, and adequately shielding her face from any sunlight that would be coming through the windows in the kitchen, Rayne glanced around the kitchen counter tops for her breakfast making appliance of choice. Toaster, microwave, can opener... coffee maker. Bingo.

"Is there anything specific you wanted for breakfast? Mine won't take long to make." Rayne asked Namine as she walked over to coffee maker, setting down the pot of dried blood flakes. "I think I remember how to make pancakes... Maybe scrambled eggs." In reality, she could count the times she had made breakfast that consisted of normal food on one hand, and that was including the times her mother let her help cook breakfast when she was a child.

Shaking those thoughts off, she opened the top of the coffee maker to pour the blood flakes into the coffee filter inside, before searching nearby cabinets for a cup to put the water into the appliance with. Water. She had apparently not thought this completely through.
Tags: !day 004, !incomplete, mewtwo (pokémon), mio amakura (fatal frame), naminé (kingdom hearts), rayne (bloodrayne), zetsu (naruto)
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