ASANO KEIGO (hollowphobic) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

hungry hungry shinigamis [COMPLETE/CLOSED]

Characters: Asano Keigo [hollowphobic], Abarai Renji [hoerozabimaru]
Setting: Blue Kitchen.
Time: Daytime.
Summary: Renji and Keigo find their way to the kitchen and proceed to eat and then rest up.
Warnings: Retardedisms and Renji being a fatass.

Wandering around for the past few hours proved to be largely useless for Keigo in that there didn't seem to be a lot around. Doors and hallways and all sorts of things that just creeped him out. The entire place gave him eerie vibes and kind of reminded him of that Clock Tower game he once played. He felt much better that he had the Shinigami by his side--or rather, a bit ahead of him--but it would take more than that to make Keigo feel at ease.

And that would be a long time coming. The only thing that Keigo could think of that would make him feel better would be an explanation of some sort and a way out. But, by the looks of things and the lack of a welcoming committee and the tightly locked front door, that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

So, he'd have to settle with Renji. After another handful of minutes, Keigo blinked as they approached what looked like a kitchen or eating area. What, was there actually food here? Keigo's face scrunched as he thought of the prospect of food in a place like this; all that came to mind was disgusting, rotting meat and moldy bread with blood splattered all over the walls. Not very appetizing.

Still, he couldn't just ignore it. "...A-Abarai-fukutaicho. T-that looks like a kitchen or something..! A-ah.. d-did you want to take a look?"
Tags: !complete, !day 004, abarai renji (bleach), asano keigo (bleach)
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