Kouzuki Kallen (guren_q1) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Kouzuki Kallen

Just a little bit nervous [Complete, Closed]

Characters: Kouzuki Kallen, open
Setting: The Grand Room
Time: Early night
Summary: Kallen looks for others in the grand room, but the lack of lighting really doesn't help.
Warnings: None.

After a course that took far more hours than it should have, it seemed that the sun had finally set. So she was going to be stuck there over night. Kallen huffed in frustration before she noticed the uneasy churning in her gut. She looked around warily at her surroundings, turned quickly to look behind her as if there were something lurking around the corner. Something was making her nervous, and that usually meant someone was following her. But there was no sound of pursuit. It did not really feel as if anyone else were around that she didn’t know about. The extreme unease she felt was starting to make her nauseous. She needed to get out of the hallway.

Wait, the grand room! Hadn’t the boy she'd spoken to earlier mentioned others waiting in the grand room? With the kind of unease working at her nerves right now, Kallen needed to be around people so it didn’t feel quite so much like she had to be watching her back. Be they useless or problematic, it didn’t matter to her at this point. She just needed to take her mind off whatever this feeling was.

She took off down the hall at a run, reaching the grand room in good time, only to find…


Darkness and the almost deafening sounds of construction. Was the house being worked on at this hour?

Her unexplainable unease was replaced with the feeling of being watched. Still not comfortable, but much more bearable. Her gaze kept shifting left to right, trying to make out shapes in the moonlight and find who it was that was watching her.

The shadows, she noted, seemed a little more ominous than they really should have.
Tags: !complete, !night 001, koukuzi kallen (code geass), rayne (bloodrayne), tony tony chopper (one piece)
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