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Characters: Mew, anyone else who wants to say hi
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Very early night, just before the door opened
Summary: Mew finds a strange new place; also flowers. (Replies can take place later on; could whoever posts first specify what room they're in? The rest of the events of the post can take place in that room. I'll edit the post info accordingly.)
Warnings: None yet.

What a strange new place! Mew drifted up near the ceiling to get a clear view, wide-eyed. It was pretty, but strange-- where were the people, she wondered? How had she even gotten there? Oh, it doesn't matter-- she squeaked happily to herself upon glancing across the room-- flowers! They had flowers! She quickly flew over to the vase, gleefully dancing around the forget-me-nots, the tip of her tail barely brushing the edge of the vase. She wrapped herself around it at length, gazing at the flowers curiously. She poked one lightly with a small finger and then quickly pulled away with a giggle. Flowers! In a building! It was a wonderful idea, Mew thought. Flowers were wonderful. Every building should have flowers, she decided. That was exactly what that other had needed in his castle thing-- flowers! It's no wonder he was grumpy. He needed flowers. She would simply have to bring him some. She wondered how many flowers she'd need to make a chain for him. That would be nice!

And-- ooh! What an interesting door! Mew dashed over to the door fast enough to jar the flowers, although she caught them with the tip of her tail and set them back right. It was so big! I wonder where it goes! She poked at it, flew around it in circles, but couldn't find anything strange or magical about it (wouldn't it be great if it was a magic door, she mused. A magic door that could open to anywhere!)

However, this door didn't seem to open to, well, anywhere. After a few more moments of exploration, Mew frowned a little to herself and flew back to her flowers, discouraged. Not only was the door not magical, but she was also slowly realizing that she was stuck wherever she was-- not that it really mattered. She had a new place to play now! Mew smiled to herself and took the flowers from the vase, starting on a flower chain.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 004, anna marshall (soprano sorceress), lorenzo belli (haunting ground), mew (pokémon)
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