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Creatures of the Night ~ [complete/closed]

Characters: Kiryuu Zero, Zetsu, Akasuna no Sasori
Setting: Dark Bedroom, East Hallway (second floor)
Time: Night 001, early
Summary: Zero finds he isn't the only nocturnal creature in Dollsyhouse and discovers that vampires aren't soo bad after all ... at least compared to this.
Warnings: violence, blood, (more to come?)

Zero watched the sun's slow progress towards the horizon, the sky tinted in blood red and the first hues of midnight blue.
The day had been long, abnormally so. He could tell, even if he had slept a long while, curled up on the dark sheets. He had woken not too long ago, his senses roused by the impending night fall.
The silver haired boy wondered absently if he would have more luck finding a way out now, and even if that were the case, where he would go. He had discovered the truth about what he had first presumed to be a generic landscape as the light was no longer blinding him. He would have to fins a solution for that when he came to it.
The shadows in the room were growing longer, even longer than they already were, the farther the sun sunk and something was niggling at the back of his senses. A sense of danger, instinct, the same part of him that urged him to sate his blood lust was silently screaming at him. Zero shoved it down and slammed the lid on those feelings, even as his breathing came heavier. He still had time.
He turned away from the window, curtains falling back to obscure the last bit of vanishing light and swathing the bedroom into darkness, that would have been blinding for anyone but a vampire.
Maybe he would be able to find something to write, so that he could make a map. It would be easier to get an overview of the situation then. The others should be asleep soon, so he would be undisturbed. A faint smile was playing on his lips, Zero was reminded of his prefect duties at Cross Academy, patrolling the grounds to keep the student body save and the vampires far away from them.
Lost in thoughts he did not notice the curtains shifting, the fluttering of the sheets even though the windows were closed and no breeze should be able to disturb them. He did not notice the gathering shadows, blackness like ink running together, twisting, curling, deeper darkness than any moonless night reaching for him.
Zero did notice though as the shadows sunk claws in his leg. Pain flared up the limb and he cried out in hurt and shock, the shout cut short as he lost his balance and fell heavily onto his hip. The sickening sound of ripping flesh and the smell of blood, his blood, hit him a moment after. Panic settled in and it was pure instinct that made him kick out at whatever was trying to drag him over the ground. His foot collected with something solid, there was a sound, he couldn't really describe it, like tearing velvet maybe, but it chased shivers down his spine.
At least the claws let go.
Zero lurched forward, awkwardly trying to get to his feet, his leg already healing but unable to support his weight just yet.
What was this!
His senses were going haywire, screaming danger at him, the smell of blood tearing at his self control even more as his vision tinted red. He could see now, decently, and wished he didn't, the shades, deeper shadows moving within, invisible eyes staring at him, creeping closer, reaching...
He barely lurched aside, stumbling, to keep his side from being ripped to shreds.
His right hand closed around Bloody Rose, hoping, praying in his mind that the anti-vampire weapon would work against whatever it was that was attacking him, or he wouldn't be alive much longer.
Tags: !complete, !night 001, #monsters, akasuna no sasori (naruto), kiryuu zero (vampire knight), zetsu (naruto)
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