Mew (kittyxinxpink) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

you chose the wrong side [active, open]

Characters: Mew, Mewtwo
Setting: The Surgery Room
Time: Night 004
Summary: Mew and Mewtwo meet in the surgery room. Mew is very unhappy about the corpse.
Warnings: There's a corpse involved.

Mew had taken to exploring the house, keeping herself safe inside her bubble until she crossed a new room. She slowly entered, her fur standing up-- something didn't feel right about this room. Not right at all.

She drifted in, looking cautiously around, but stilled completely when something caught her eye-- she didn't move any closer. Frozen. A person, or what was left of one.

Mew never knew how to handle herself around the dead. Although, she'd also never been faced with a body quite like this one before, and she wished she never had been. She drifted back towards the door, still facing the remains, wondering if she should tell someone-- of course she should tell someone! She shook her head. She had to tell someone about this.

Tags: !night 004, mew (pokémon), mewtwo (pokémon)
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