Machi Tobaye (machitobaye) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Machi Tobaye

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder [Complete, Open...ish]

Characters: Machi, Saya
Setting: Outside
Time: Night 004
Summary: After Trucy wears the hell out and Machi manages to give her and Anna (and everyone else?) the slip.
Warnings: Saya?

If it hadn't been night, Machi still would have been wearing sunglasses. As it was, he held them folded in his right hand, squinting a little at the sky and silently being glad he was alone for this. The snow crunched under the pianist's feet as he walked around the edge of the house, looking over the edge of the cliff and pausing to study the exterior of the house in turns as he progressed, slowly but thoroughly exploring every possibility that he was able. It was surreal, disorienting, to actually be seeing the outside of the house... but he was still trapped, even though the area of captivity was larger... there would have to stop being ocean eventually, though; they were too high up and the landmass ended too far above the water--well, it ended above the water, so it had to be anchored or attached to more ground somewhere. It couldn't just float randomly in the air. (This idea was oddly connected to Trucy in his head--the magician was fond of trying to make things magically 'levitate,; and Machi still hadn't figured out how she did it, but it was irrelevant because in this case it couldn't actually happen.)

Speaking of Trucy, it had taken her an excruciatingly long time to become tired of playing in the snow, and while Machi had--in spite of himself, and his priorities--rather enjoyed it, he was frustrated and tired from the delay. He couldn't stop her, though, and she'd had to have her fill of fun (and snowballs) before he was able to give her the slip. He didn't really want to take more time than he had to by wasting it, though. Anna had been somewhat hard to escape too too, although she was less... impossible than Trucy. The snow to his right shifted as he put his weight down and a packed section fell over the edge, plummeting downward for an impossibly long time before it disappeared from sight, presumably to hit the ocean below. Machi paused and watched it for a second as it dropped away, then kept going, not stopping to see how long it took to stop being visible. He didn't really have time to spend being distracted.
Tags: !complete, !night 004, *outside, machi tobaye (ace attorney), saya (saya no uta)
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