Anita Blake (dead_mans_queen) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Anita Blake

Burnt Offerings [Active/Open]

Characters: Anita Blake, Rosette Christopher, Zetsu
Setting: East Hallway, Mother's Study, Nursery
Time: Night 004
Summary: Rosette and Anita
Warnings: Anita actually does stuff! Oh, and raising of a dead baby.

Another night. How pleasant. Anita's hands ran up her arms; she was not dressed for the changing weather. And why should she have been; in St. Louis, it was early autumn when she disappeared. She'd never have expected to be transported to a haunted house.

That was it, then. From now on, she'd pack a change of clothes in her zombie-raising kit. Just in case.

The woman shivered as she made her way down the East Hallway. It wasn't just the cold; the lack of noise was more disturbing than anything. Apparently the animator had come to rely on the construction ('One of the few constant things about this place,' she mentally muttered), and she didn't trust the lack of it.

Surprising, really, that she trusted anything in this house.

Leaning against the wall, the animator prayed for a blanket, a coat, anything. It wasn't until she heard footsteps that she was snapped out of her little daze.
Tags: !night 004, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), rosette christopher (chrno crusade), zetsu (naruto)
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