Courtney Crumrin (goblintamer) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Courtney Crumrin

Cheer Up, Emo Witch [Active, Open]

Characters: Courtney, Mew, Nataku; open for others!
Setting: Journey Bedroom
Time: Night 04
Summary: Courtney mopes in bed. A WILD MEW APPEARS and cheers her up. They're then greeted by samurai spider-bangs Nataku.
Warnings: Courtney is emopants. Mew's cuteness may be hazardous to health.

Courtney didn't know why she was back in the Journey Bedroom. Probably because it was comfy... it was a bed, it had blankets. It was easier to stave off the freezing cold that had come into the house. And then, even if there were things out there that could kill her, maybe she could be asleep. Go in peace... or maybe they'd just wait for her to wake up, give her one last scare, then kill her. This house seemed big on trying to scare people. Heck, she even left her door slightly ajar. Welcoming them in... (Or maybe she was hoping that Nanaki would find her. Where was he?)

It felt a little pathetic to be feeling like this, but she was tired. It was like the walls kept closing in on her, inch after inch. She supposed that she should be grateful that she hadn't gone crazy, like Fiona. Where was Fiona?

A noise from outside stirred her - was that the door? Slowly, she inclined her head towards the door, trying to see who it was. Had the monsters come for her?
Tags: !night 004, courtney crumrin (courtney crumrin), mew (pokémon), war prince nataku (saiyuki)
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