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Abarai Renji


Characters: Abarai Renji [hoerozabimaru], Asano Keigo [hollowphobic]
Setting: Grand Room, and then they're headed outside
Time: Evenning, Day 004
Summary: Renji and Keigo wake up after their nap and decide to see why the front door opened up. They're also totally unaware of the monsters in this place.
Warnings: Swearing. Possibly violence?

Renji felt pretty good.

Things were warm, quiet, and comfortable. He couldn't recall what had been troubling him earlier, but it all seemed rather far away. Renji had slumped deeper into the chair he fell asleep in sometime during his rest and his body was disinclined to move. Certain joints felt like they would hurt if he even tried, anyway, and he didn't want to risk losing that lazy feeling that had settled in the bottom of his stomach. His mind had only halfway woken up anyway, and the rest of it didn't seem to want to catch up with the rest of the class.

A cold breeze startled him, however. He groaned unhappily and slit an eye open to look around. The fire still burned warmly nearby and he couldn't see anything that might have caused the draft. Renji sighed and closed his eye again, determined to ignore it. Maybe he'd simply imagined the draft? It was possible. He was ready to slip back to sleep when the draft came again. Now annoyed, he opened both eyes and took another look around.

Still nothing. What the hell?

Slowly he sat up, casting a quick glance at Asano to see if he might have somehow caused it, but he too was out light a like. Disgruntled, Renji looked around the room again and almost gave up on finding the source of the mysterious cold air yet again, but his eyes caught something far across the way. Back the way they'd come in earlier in the day was that door- but the door was now wide open to the outside. Renji's eyes widened at the sight and he stood up almost immediatly-

-and instantly regretted. "AH! SHIT! CRAMP!" He yelled and grabbed onto the chair to stabilize himself, one leg cramping up in his calf area. Still, he was determined, and he hobbled over and grabbed Keigo by the shoulder and gave him a shake. "Hey! Asano! Wake up! The door is open!"

Maybe now they could get the hell out of here.
Tags: !day 004, abarai renji (bleach), asano keigo (bleach)
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