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Chasing after you [Complete]

Characters: Saya, Zetsu
Setting: The mother's study.
Time: Day 004, shortly after the Rosette/Saya/Zetsu thread.
Summary: Zetsu gets harassed by a loli moar.
Warnings: Leafual harassment. 8|

Saya was secretly pleased that the nun was gone. She didn't seem like a bad person, at least not as far as humans went, but it was inconvenient to have someone watching her every move as she tried to converse with the older man. The study he'd shown her was not particularly interesting, her father's own beat it in that department, but she couldn't deny that the not-so well guarded room and passageway it connected to had caught her interest. She was less interested in those things, however, and more in her welcome wagon for this place. But she wouldn't press about that just yet.

Keeping her hands locked behind her back, she took a look around the study before turning to face Zetsu with her usual smile, taking a few steps back as she eyed her surroundings more. It didn't take long for her to get distracted once again, running over to the desk and examining the picture of the mother and child. "This her study~?" She asked, tapping the picture and seeming content enough with the fact that she was invading the dead woman's study. It was sad the the woman had died, of course, but the green-haired girl could find no reason to be bothered by or mourn the loss of someone she'd never met, especially not if the aforementioned person now served as a threat to her and others. "Dad had a study, too. He had a lot of unique books that most humans can't read." She explained, sounding somewhat proud that her father for that accomplishment.
Tags: !complete, !day 004, saya (saya no uta), zetsu (naruto)
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