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Roses are red [Complete]

Characters: Saya
Setting: Red Bedroom
Time: Night 004
Summary: Saya crashes in the Red Bedroom and thinks.
Warnings: tl;dr, Saya being srs bsns.

When she wasn't sleeping, exploring or simply holed up with Jonouchi, Saya had taken to the idea of continuing her search for a room. So she continued her hunt for something better, at some point coming across one that was decorated in various shades of red. It was quite pretty and appeared to be vacant, it even came complete with a lock, although like Jonouchi's own room it appeared to have two doors. Trying the door on the far wall revealed that it connected to a bathroom, which presumably connected to another bedroom. No matter. The young girl wasn't too worried about her neighbors needlessly barging in. Shifting over to the bed, she allowed herself to sit on it and even bounce a little. It was comfortable~ She took note of the carefully placed rose as well, slipping her sandals off before she lay back on the bed and held it up, examining it.

Roses. Humans liked roses giving and receiving roses, didn't they? So many of them seemed particularly fond of the red ones, too...she recalled hearing that the were a symbol of love and romance, a way of saying "I love you". Holding the rose by the stem and using her fingers to rotate it, her mind shifted to her own lover. was he doing without her? Would he be happy without her? Would she...ever see him again? A small, quiet voice suggested that she wouldn't. Two and a half months, that's how long some of the residents had lived here...although it pained her more than it should have to think about it, she had to accept that he would probably move on with time. That was for the better, she told herself, he shouldn't have to wait on her.

There was Zetsu, too. She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about the plant man. He was everything she'd always hoped to find, but knew she would never be able to. He was someone like her. She was quite taken by the older man, entirely unsure as to why she felt so shy around him. She wasn't a shy person by nature, she seldom had such moments even with Fuminori, but something about him invoked a little of that in her. She found herself growing increasingly curious about him, already finding the need to get closer and try and find out more about him. She wanted to know what kind of person Zetsu was. She wondered what he'd think of her. In spite of him being so close to her, she couldn't help but feel nervous about the prospect of him finding out just what she was.

She couldn't explain why, but she knew she didn't want him to know about that fact, not while she could hide it. Maybe it was because she'd never found anyone like her, never thought it to be possible. Saya knew that in her lonely world Fuminori was the only one for her, but she also had to admit that she was coming to like the plant man. Someone like Zetsu...indeed, she thought she could come to like him quite a bit, too. With such troublesome thoughts in mind, she scooted over and placed the rose on the nightstand before sliding under the blankets, laying on her back and letting her leaves and vines fan out and enshroud her as they would, immensely relieved to be able to do so. As she started to nod off she found herself wondering how Fuminori would have felt if she knew what she really looked like, that she was really a monster, and how Zetsu would feel about that as well. She wondered if it would really be okay to tell either of them although at least with the latter she suspected she would have to find out soon, whether or not she was prepared.
Tags: !complete, saya (saya no uta)
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