Machi Tobaye (machitobaye) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Machi Tobaye

Lullaby to nightmares, whisper low [Complete, Closed]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Kazuhiko Yukimi
Setting: Second floor hallway.
Time: Night 004, before abductions and shit
Summary: Yukimi blows off steam about the language nonsense, tries to ask Machi to share food. Hilarity (and traumaz?) ensue.
Warnings: Some violence, mild language.

Machi was still shaking snow out of his hair when he ran up the stairs to the second floor of the giant house, gun out well before he hit the landing. He had stayed outside as long as he could, somewhat paranoid that the door would somehow close behind him again, but snow and rocks were not edible (although snow was a decent source of water, he knew) and like any human being, he eventually needed food... and eventually he needed it quite badly, feeling slightly sick and a little dizzy from lack of sustenance over the hours he'd been outside--his fear of the door closing finally caved before his need to eat. Machi had a deep-rooted hatred of being hungry; he returned indoors against his better judgment because of it, unable and unwilling to stand an extended state of hunger any more--or any longer than necessary--now. He moved as quickly as possible through the grand room, literally running to the kitchen, where he discovered to his horror (and nausea) that the food had gone bad.

Very bad.

Climbing the stairs, he had sick feeling of worry that warred and intermingled with his fear of the monsters... what was he going to do if his own food was spoiled? He did not want to die... he did not. If his food was okay, though...

He had a sneaking suspicion that the ruined food was the consequence of the door having come open.
Tags: !complete, !night 004, kazuhiko yukimi (nabari no ou), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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