Mio Amakura (lingeringscent) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Mio Amakura

Nonsense tragedies [Complete]

Characters: Mio Amakura, Zetsu, Saya (briefly)
Setting: Outside → Blue Kitchen
Time: Night 004
Summary: Mio and Zetsu go outside, just to be thrown back in. Saya can come too.
Warnings: Phantasms.

They'd been outside earlier during the night with Red XIII, but Mio felt so compelled as to give the outdoors another look. It was a nice change from being indoors, however limited the range of movement might be and the distant islands were interesting. She hoped Zetsu didn't mind, he seemed more sensitive to the cold than she was, although she was not by any means unbothered by it. She was already more than ready to retreat to a warmer location, but...well, they were already out in the cold and she was aware of the fact that the door could close at any time (with any luck not with them still outside), it was better to make use of what time they had.

Besides, she'd wanted to get a few photographs of what the house's exterior. Just in case. "Are you okay?" She asked as she looked at the photographs she'd taken. They'd come out well enough. "Um...could you hold onto these?" She added quietly, offering him the photographs. She hoped the plant man wouldn't mind, she really did ask too much of him already, but she had no where to store them and even if they turned out to be useless later...well, it was just nice to have, in the same way that it was nice to have photographs of the ghosts she'd encountered. Hopefully he wouldn't mind too much...
Tags: !complete, !night 004, #phantasms, *outside, mio amakura (fatal frame), saya (saya no uta), zetsu (naruto)
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