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Characters: Shia, anyone else that wants to join
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Night 004
Summary: Shia enters the House, much to her despair.
Warnings: AAAAANGST.

... what was this place? Shia blinked, clutching her broken staff tightly in her small hands. This wasn't... where she'd been going. And where was Klaus?

The room was large, she noticed, and very nice, but... very unfamiliar. And, yet... perhaps it couldn't do any harm to explore just a bit further. Behind her was a door, she noted; she tried it, to no avail. She turned back around, facing what she sensed was the inside of the house. Well, it didn't seem she could simply walk out, but perhaps she could go further in. No-- a voice in the back of her mind stopped her. Klaus. She had to find him and get back on track-- she'd already wasted so much time, and she had so little strength remaining. She had to hurry.

... when she attempted to teleport out, she was met with a surprise-- she was unable to. A cold chill shot down her spine at the sudden realization that she could not leave. She was trapped here, wherever here was. A spike of despair struck her heart and she sunk to her knees, nearly in shock. This was it. She was trapped here, unable to leave, to find Klaus-- unable to find that which she was searching for. That she felt she was so close to finding. She clutched her staff to her chest, her one fading source of strength; she was dying, and that scared her even more. What if she died here before she could find a way to leave?

No. No, that wasn't going to happen. She'd come too far to give up. Shia shakily climbed back to her feet, righting her staff and studying the hall ahead-- she would find a way out. She had to. Shia picked the end of her staff up from the floor and continued inward, steeling herself for who or whatever she may meet.

Tags: !night 004, shia (pita-ten), war prince nataku (saiyuki)
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