Honey Kisaragi (heartsonher_i) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Honey Kisaragi

A waking lithium flower [Active/Open]

Characters: Cutey Honey, Open
Setting: The Lavender Room, The Blade Hallway
Time: Night
Summary: Leave it to Honey to wind up with the peeping-tom monsters.
Warnings: Violence, nudity, obscene amounts of spandex and sparkly lights

You could feed an entire regiment for days on what had consisted of Honey's dinner. Of course, most of it had been converted into energy.

Food is fuel was a turn of phrase that Honey took very seriously.

It had been a few hours ago that the sun had touched the western horizon and Honey had decided on a nap. It wasn't that she needed to sleep, but it was something to do and it allowed for less strain on her systems.

How long had she been here?

At least a week, according to her own clock. Natsuko was probably worried out of her mind too.

And there was still no way out. Nothing she did, even her most outrageous attacks, had done anything.

The android had finally given up (at least for now) and plopped down in her bed, ignoring the ominous feeling that came with the fading twilight.

A few hours later and Honey woke, startled by what sounded like gunfire and other sounds she didn't recognize.

She sat up, hand already on the little heart decoration on her choker.

And then she saw them in the window looking out into the weird hallway. Strange looking creatures; massive, looming things. She hopped out of bed that instant and the creatures lurched towards her door, but they didn't break through or try to open it. But she could hear them out there, making unpleasant gurgling sounds.

Well, she was running on full, and she'd been sorely disappointed in the lack of things to blow up.

"Mou, pervy-monsters, don't you know it's rude to peep on a girl while she's sleeping?" Honey admonished, before leaping into the air with a 'Honey Flash!' her white mini-skirt and vest shredding into pieces and her blond hair becoming short and red as her new costume formed in flashes of light.

She landed by the door, flinging it open to face off against the horde of monsters.

"My, someone needs to teach you all some manners~♥"

It wasn't long before the sounds of fighting came from the blade hallway, shortly followed by a relatively small (for Honey) explosion.
Tags: !night 001, #monsters, honey kisaragi (cutie honey), larxene (kingdom hearts)
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