Makoto Itou (ttlypimpin) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Makoto Itou

Tell me that you will listen [Complete]

Characters: Makoto Itou, Zetsu
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Day 005
Summary: Makoto enters the Dollsyhouse and is greeted by Zetsu.
Warnings: Zetsu's a grumpy person.

Things were going great for Makoto Itou. He hadn’t seen his girlfriend (if she could even be called that anymore, he hardly thought of her as such) in at least a few weeks. That was almost unfortunate, but certainly more convenient for him. What had started out as a fun, even happy relationship had quickly become boring and strenuous in the same way it had with Kotohona, if not more because of how vocal Sekai was about her demands. Were it not for the fact that Hikari had brought her up, he might have completely forgotten about her presence. He liked his current lifestyle much better, it didn’t require nearly as much thought from him.

Things were going great, so the slipping that occurred as he was exiting the train was understandably unexpected. He wasn’t even sure just what it was that he’d slipped on, he hadn’t seen or even felt anything under him…even more unexpected was that his trip had landed him not on the floor of the train station, but the hard marble floor of "What the hell...?" He mumbled to himself as he sat up, rubbing his head for several moments as he tried to take in the situation before finally standing. He tried the door, which even after several tugs remained unmoved. What the hell indeed, weren’t doors supposed to be unlockable from the inside? Apparently the owner of his house had a sense of humor and—

The owner. Come to think of it, there didn’t appear to be anyone else around, did there? He wondered briefly if that were strange. Probably not, if you were going to kidnap them and let ‘em loose, no sense in showing yourself. Then again, why kidnap someone just to hold them hostage, or kidnap a student at all? The entire situation was really strange, though…well, no point in worrying about it. With any luck he would find someone who could explain the situation to him. With any luck it was just an accident or misunderstanding and he could get back to his increasingly busy schedule soon. As he started to walk towards the next room, he took out his cellphone, momentarily pulling off one headphone before he dialed and pressed the phone to his ear. Nothing. Damnit.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, makoto itou (school days), zetsu (naruto)
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