Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Tell Me What You've Gone And Done Now [Active/Closed]

Characters: Rayne, Jack, Zero
Setting: Basement/Secret Tunnel of Lurve
Time: Day 005
Summary: A-hunting we will go, a-hunting we will go...
Warnings:  Look at the character list/

Relief when daylight came was not something Rayne thought she would ever feel, but it had become a common occurrence since she had came to this house. With the events of the previous night, she perhaps was more relieved than some, especially since she had spent most of the later part of the night resting and recovering. While she may not have had any physical proof to show it, disembowelment and losing a limb left it's mark, even on her. In her case, in more ways than usual.

Her mind was not currently on the events of the night before, however, the redhead instead intently staring at the bookcase before her. She had discovered the basement on her usual morning trip around the house, while Namine was still asleep, and the tunnel after that by accident. She had been browsing the tools on the bookshelf, curious to see if there was anything that could substitute as a new toy, and... Well, things do slip. She had to admit the tunnel intrigued her. There was a chance that it could lead to an escape, or a way to help them escape. At worst, she would have to fight to return to the house, but she was confident in her abilities, especially after a hearty 'breakfast.'

So, she had gone to tell Namine her plans, before finding someone to look after the girl in case she needed looking after. Rayne doubted that she would be gone until nightfall, but she had no idea how long the tunnel was, or how winding. Depending on the layout of it, it might take her a while to explore all of it. Either way, the dhampir was anxious to start her journey.
Tags: !day 005, !incomplete, jack skellington (nightmare before xmas), rayne (bloodrayne), zero (nightmare before christmas)
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