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No One Is Alone? (Active/CLOSED)

Characters: Jonouchi, the phantasms
Setting: Starting at the Two Door Bedroom, moving on to a SUPER-SECRET LOCATION beneath the kitchen.
Time: Night 004
Summary: Jonouchi finds out the hard way that there is safety in numbers, as some alone time in his bedroom turns into a forceful abduction.

Some people are the sort that go out and look for trouble; others have trouble go out of its way to look for them. Unfortunately for Jonouchi, he seemed to have become the latter tonight--Lady Luck had hitched up her skirts and gone to find some other to dance with.

Likely, the young man had been at least reasonably intelligent tonight--a good store of food tucked away before night fell would ensure that he wouldn't starve, quick feet and keen senses would keep him safe from the monsters in the hall, good blankets would ward off the chill, and surely enough people spoke Japanese or at least understood Charades well enough to get by; even the outside island wouldn't have been hazardous to his health, if he had ventured out to take a look.

There was no way he or anyone else could have predicted the appearance of the phantasms, driving residents before them mercilessly as they herded them back into the house or spirited them away. Those selected for the kidnappings appeared to be deliberately chosen, perhaps even beforehand--after all, why else would such a small group of them have found their way to this room, when there were so many other people easier to get to that they could have taken?

But no, it seemed that it was Jonouchi they wanted, and Jonouchi they would get. Four phantasms approached the bedroom, two slipping in, wraith-like, through each closed door to close in on their target.
Tags: !complete, !night 004, #phantasms, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!)
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