Rosette Christopher (bearcatnun) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Rosette Christopher

Like Christmas Cheer [Complete]

Characters: Rosette Christopher, Courtney Crumrin
Setting: Journey Bedroom
Time: Night 004, pushing toward the middle of the night
Summary: Rosette's borderline starving, and decides to swipe some food - Courtney catches her
Warnings: ...stealing? Uh.

Rosette was in quite the bad mood - but it was mostly driven from hunger.

She hadn't had the chance to stock up on food before the night had hit, and it had turned out to be worse than she'd expected. And felt like it'd been nearly a week since she had last ate anything. She was starving and miserable, honestly.

She'd managed to make it up into the upper hallway again - she'd been downstairs for the past while, hoping to find something to eat, but inevitably finding nothing. There were less monsters down there, anyway, it seemed.

Her gun was drawn and ready as she worked her way down the hall...and ducked into a room to her left. It wouldn't hurt to explore some more of these (presumably) bedrooms, would it?

...there was food in there. Rosette instantly bright at the sight, drooling a little bit as the hunger took over rational sense and she began to make her way toward the food.

But it was...likely someone else's. Someone else who had little food, who had stocked up here to last the night. She hesitated for another moment before she brought her hands up, together, to her chest, and said a brief prayer. An apology in advance.

She was desperate, at this point. Exhausted, and starving, with little choice in the matter. Hopefully her situation would be understood, and she could be forgiven. After she finished her prayer, she knelt down, and...tried to restrain herself from taking more than she needed - it was hard to resist the food, though.
Tags: !complete, !night 004, courtney crumrin (courtney crumrin), rosette christopher (chrno crusade)
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