Leo (knightmystere) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Unnecessary Complications [Active]

Characters: Leo & Mio. Hey, that rhymes. :x *SHOT Also Minsc.
Setting: The Blue Kitchen, but Leo will go down the stairs later
Time: Late morning/early afternoon on day 005, I suppose.
Summary: A technologically impaired Leo goes in search of food and is thoroughly confused by all the newfangled contraptions. Also, he makes a decision about a mysterious set of stairs... and meets shock, horror! someone who actually isn't a loli.
Warnings: A beastman who can't cook?

The days were unnaturally long here. After Leo's arrival to this strange place and meeting with the several young girls who seemed to be trapped here, the beastman had simply ended up standing guard near the entrance hall, eventually nodding off where he stood. Luckily, he had not been awakened by any screams and so assumed that all had gone well with the others. Looking around, he realized the house looked harmless enough; the only things off were how long the day was - and the cold feeling in his gut when he had first arrived. Not one to merely brush it off as the shock of being in a new place, Leo had practiced his swordplay in the main hall when not getting acquainted with the manor so as to be ready when (not if; every instinct Leo had as a beastman and a hero was shouting this) a threat came. Not that Leo would have trouble, of course; there was a reason Althena had sent him to personally deal with the Destroyer.

He now knew his way around the first floor easily enough; he'd suspected that he'd spent the equivalent of a day or two wandering about. He hadn't really encountered anyone since, not in the personal sense, but he now knew that it wasn't only the ones he had met in the hall; Mio had been kind enough to explain that to them. Leo had taken advantage of the (creepy and much too feminine for his tastes, but he wasn't inclined to complain at the moment) bathroom in order to bathe when he had needed to, of course; being in a strange place was no excuse to not look the soldier he was. Althena Herself seemed to detest anything dirty, and Leo had decided to follow her example. At any rate, it made things easier.

Feeling hungry, Leo decided to head for the kitchen. He still hadn't been able to figure out the strange box in that room; he had touched one of the numbers on it and it had beeped - after that, Leo had decided to leave it alone (and muttering "That strange box is possessed," only half-joking, to himself). The stove didn't seem to work, either; no matter where he looked, the beastman couldn't figure out how to light it, and so Leo had been surviving on bread, fruit, and raw vegetables thus far. It was mildly annoying, he supposed, but there were far worse situations to be in.

He decided that he'd deal with the stairs once he'd eaten.
Tags: !day 005, !incomplete, minsc (baldur's gate), mio amakura (fatal frame), white knight leo (lunar 2: eternal blue)
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