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Take Off Your Skin and Dance With Me [Complete]

Characters: Saya, phantasms
Setting: Hi~mi~tsu
Time: Day 005
Summary: The phantasms experiment on Saya.
Warnings: violence, torture

The pantasms were perfectly silent and composed as they moved their charge from her cage to a cold metal table in another room. Four of them were gathered at the moment, no flicker of acknowledgment or gestures passing between any of them, and yet they were all working in perfect coordination, barely even stopping to look at Saya before they began the work of strapping her to the table.

They began strapping her so her face was pressed against the table; it was her back they wanted to look at, at least at first.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, !squick, #phantasms, saya (saya no uta)
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