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Fairies, fairies everywhere. [Complete/Closed]

Characters: Alice, Rain, whoever else wants to join.
Setting: The Fairy Bedroom
Time: Night 001, early nightfall
Summary: Alice claims a bedroom, and ponders what the fuck she's going to do about ammo.
Warnings: None, yet.

Unbelievable. Peering around the room, the blonde considered for a moment, wondering if this was worse than the dreaded yellow room she had just come from. Torn from her thoughts by the sound of shuffling outside the room door, she tensed, watching the only entrance for a moment. Alice knew what was out there, and didn't fancy fighting them, if only because she had no idea on how to kill them. But, luckily, they were slow and easy to dodge around.

After a moment, the thing passed on, and Alice relaxed as much as she could. Still keeping the edges of her fingertips on her borrowed gun, she took a moment to look around this room, as she had done for all of the unoccupied others she had come across. While she couldn't stand the decor, it didn't want to make her stab her eyes out with a plastic spoon. However, this room offered no hint to where the house was, or any sort of possible weapon, just as all the others had. Giving a frustrated sigh, she resisted the urge to kick one of the legs of the bed, falling onto it instead.

If there truly was no way out of here, then they were all screwed. If these creatures appeared every night, then they were most definitely all screwed. The food would eventually run out, as well as any bullets or other ammo. And if some member of the house didn't go insane and kill the rest of them off, then something else would kill them off one by one. Starvation, monsters, possibly each other.

"This truly is hell."
Tags: !complete, !night 001, alice abernathy (resident evil), rain ocampo (resident evil)
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