unlondoner (unlondoner) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Play in the Dirt Again [Active/Open]

Characters: Deeba Resham
Setting: Greenhouse
Time:Day 005
Summary: Endless wandering resulted in a destination.

Deeba knelt on the greenhouse floor, her hands deep in fresh gardening soil, the Ungun lying by her side to stay clean. She'd found the greenhouse in one of her many wanderings since arriving at the house. From her many explorations, Deeba had yet to find a single way out of the house, the greenhouse was the only place where she could glimpse the outside, so it would have to do for now. The many plants and flowers reminded her of the small window box garden her mother grew outside their kitchen in London.

So Deeba gave a shot at growing her own garden.

Gently, Deeba placed the bulbs into the soil, covering them up with dirt, and patting it down lightly with her hands.

"Okay Curdle, pour some water on them!" she instructed her pet milk carton, who acted as a watering can.

The carton gave a little cheep, which came out as a gurgle, before bouncing over to the nearest pile and pouring out a little bit of water.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, deeba resham (un lun dun), rosette christopher (chrno crusade)
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