Machi Tobaye (machitobaye) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Machi Tobaye

A Self Called Nowhere [Active, Open]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Rayne, Lorenzo Belli
Setting: First floor, kinda... around.
Time: Night 004, after the conference thread.
Summary: Angry Machi meets an angry Lorenzo and a very hungry Rayne. He provokes one of the two with his liar's temper and gets killed.
Warnings: Extreme violence, insanity.

Machi separated himself from the group, moving off to vent his frustration away from them. He, possibly he alone, was not satisfied with the exploration down the stairwell, not satisfied with no results, with coming back up, but--

The pianist was in a high state of agitation. He couldn't not do something, couldn't not have kept going, but he'd had to come back up, thought he very nearly hadn't. But he couldn't go it alone. Not least because if he died... Courtney was unreliable, and he alone would have to save Anna. And he'd been given no choice. He didn't trust anyone but himself. Not in the long run, not with something this important. At first he'd just wanted to, but now... now it was becoming increasingly important, obsessively preoccupying to the point that now he could think of nothing else, had no other motivation but this.

This and, primarily or secondarily, self-preservation.

He moved restlessly down the hall, stopping to glance briefly at the pictures on the walls and then moving on, full of unusable, angry energy. It was like something very large was coiled up inside of him and wanted to be let out, but he couldn't... couldn't now...

He had been prevented from continuing down by the others, they'd decided it was endless and... the ultimatum had been delivered and he'd complied only grudgingly. He couldn't go down alone, though, he wasn't strong enough to... and Zetsu had given him no choice--it was either he come back up or they'd abandon him. He'd nearly let them, run down and left them behind. Only a last minute decision had prevented that. But... he fidgeted with his gun, unused energy making him anxious and testy.
Tags: !character death, !complete, !mature, !night 004, lorenzo belli (haunting ground), machi tobaye (ace attorney), rayne (bloodrayne)
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