Red (adventurous_red) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Versus phantasms [Active/Closed]

Characters: Lorenzo, Red, the phantasms
Setting: The first floor, starting out in the Small Library
Time: Night 004, before the cages threads
Summary: Red is kidnapped, and Lorenzo is filled with RAEG

They came for him while he was in the library. Red had ducked in there for a few moments of privacy and even for a bit of research. After seeing outside for the first time, the trainer had questions--tons of questions. What better place to look for answers than a library, he reasoned?

He hadn't had much of a chance to look, however. Whether through some sort of precognition or just sheer luck, the phantasms had found him soon after Red stepped into the room. The champion turned around and, immediately upon seeing the phantasms, pulled out a Pokeball. Unfortunately for him, the creatures were already too close. One grabbed the wrist that held the aforementioned Pokeball, its grip forcing Red to release it. Another phantasm picked it up, examining it for a moment before putting the ball somewhere on its person for the time being. While Red struggled within the grip of the first phantasm, the second approached him, removing the five other Pokeballs from Red's waist and placing them with the first one. Then the phantasm joined its accomplice, grabbing Red's other wrist, and the two dragged him out of the library and into the hallway.
Tags: !night 004, #phantasms, lorenzo belli (haunting ground), red (pokémon)
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