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Vash @ Nowhere

And this donut was juuuust right! [Active, Open]

Characters: Vash and anyone wandering by the main hall.
Setting: Entrance Hall, may move elsewhere
Time: Late Day 005; after them thar kidnappings but before the hostages are returned!
Summary: There's a donut-loving pacifist in your house and eating your donuts~
Warnings: No idea, really.

Well that was dignified! He'd just wanted to get the ball for that little boy. How'd he go from there to some weird house?

Vash took in a sharp breath and hoped he was dreaming. The last time something like this had happened had been...

He forced it down and pushed himself to his feet, licking dry lips and marvelling as he realized that this house was made of wood. whoever owned it must be very rich to do so. Why would he be in a rich person's house? Did he take a job here or something? It didn't make sense.

At least it looked like no one had been hurt this time. Vash turned and tried the door. When it didn't budge he put one foot up on the wall for leverage and pulled. When that ended in him landed on his backside from losing his grip he gave the door a childish pout, got up, spat on his gloves and rubbed them first together then on the front of his coat to clean them of grease, and took a hold of the knob.

Maybe it would open if he used both legs for leverage!

... that just ended with him flat on his back again. If bullets weren't so expensive he would've tried shooting the door itself. Now that wasn't very nice! Why would he be locked in here?!

Vash shivered at the chill running down his spine and his eyes widened. Why was it so cold? True, the desert could be cold at night, but there was sunlight coming in through those windows. How could it be so cool during the day? It didn't make sense.

"OPEN YOU STUPID DOOR!!!" he wailed, pounding on it frantically. Maybe making enough noise would get someone to show up.
Tags: !day 005, !incomplete, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), deeba resham (un lun dun), mio amakura (fatal frame), vash (trigun)
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