Suigin-goddamn-tou (junk_in_a_trunk) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

All roads lead to home [completed, closed]

Characters: Suigintou
Setting: The Mirror Bedroom and the Doll Bathroom
Time: Day, morning to mid afternoon
Summary: Suigintou gets lost in the mirrors of the house, takes a room and takes some dolls.
Warnings: interior decorating?

It hadn't taken long for Suigintou to find a mirror after leaving the puppet behind. However, it had taken her much longer then that to actually find her way out of the maze that was the space between the mirrors. Every mirror she tried opened up into the same bedroom filled with mirrored surfaces and decorated in shades of gray. After a while time, Suigintou had decided she liked the room and even took the time to leave her case atop the decadent bed in the room's center and claim the room as her own, locking the door after a brief glance at the disgustingly pink hallways outside. After careful testing and path finding, Suigintou deduced the many mirrors that comprised this room and was able to discover those which belonged to the other rooms.

It was strange, as far as she could tell, it was not that the house's mirrors were sealed, but as though none existed outside it. Taking another mirror, Suigintou found herself surrounded by dolls, none maidens like herself, but still a rather interesting lot. Which, she took for her own and surrounded her case in the mirror room with them as guardians for when she slept. If she was going to be trapped here, she intended quite fully that she was going to be safe as well.

Tags: !complete, !day 001, suigintou (rozen maiden)
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