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Mission Interrupted

Characters: Sagara Sousuke and any who find/are ambushed by him.
Setting: Beginning in the Entrance Hall, who knows from there.
Time: Day 005, morning
Summary: Sousuke arrives, war begins. 
Warnings: Guns being jammed in faces?


He wasn't sure why he tripped, why the ground was rushing up to meet him so abruptly, but such thoughts had no time to register in Sousuke's brain; react first, evaluate later.  In practiced form he raised his arms in front of his head, tucking into himself as he made contact with the floor.  Rolling forward until his feet touched the ground again, he halted his forward momentum so he stopped upright, hands on the ground to steady his balance.

A blink.  Two, then three.  This was not Jindai High School.  "...Miss Chidori?" he inquired to the air; his classmate and subject of protection was no longer with him.  Panic threatened to flare up within him, but with a forcefully deep breath he shoved it down, rising to stand tall again.  A quick check confirmed that he still had both of his pistols, his knife, his taser, and his rations concealed on various parts of his body.  He also had his backpack, inside which was hidden his submachine gun.  He didn't know where he was or why he was here, but he was armed and ready to find out.

He was not without worry, though. For some reason, he had been entirely separated from Chidori, meaning that what ever force had gotten to him was possibly - probably - going after her.  His heart froze, sinking into his stomach.  He was powerless to help her.  They could torture her, violate her, kill her, and he was in no position to stop hem.  Anger welled up inside of him, anger and a deep sorrow that he wasn't able to stop her from--

No.  This situation just began; if they were targeting her for her abilities, it would take considerable time to try to extract them from her.  Time which he could use to find out where he was, escape, track her down, and save her.  It wasn't the first time.  It wouldn't be the last.

He'd do his job, just as always.

Eyes hardened with determination, he reached into his school uniform to withdraw a Glock 19 handgun, clicking off the safety.  It was time to get some answers.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, rosette christopher (chrno crusade), sagara sousuke (full metal panic!)
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