Lorenzo Belli (returntoyouth) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Lorenzo Belli

Like a bitter pill that's lost its taste [Complete]

Characters: Lorenzo Belli, Zetsu
Setting: Corner Bedroom, moving?
Time: Day 005, morning-ish?
Summary: Lorenzo and Zetsu get the opportunity to catch up.
Warnings: Lorenzo and Zetsu. :|

Letting himself fall into such a sorry state really was disgraceful. He was Aureolus Lorenzo Belli, the present situation shouldn't have been anything more than a minor inconvenience to him, much like the room's lack of a window. Still, alchemic pills could only keep a person going for so long. They were making him sick by this point. Keeping him alive, yes, better than starving, but definitely not good for his health. Two weeks was too long, three...well, he was surprised he was managing as well as he was.

Still, not particularly up to the task of dealing with people, he wasn't ready to move from the armchair shoved in the corner just yet. It'd once belonged to the small library, but during the night he'd taken the liberty of moving it for his own benefit. He'd slept in a wheelchair for so many years a chair only seemed natural and it would always leave the bed free for Alphonse or Red. Not that either of them were here now. God only knew where the phantasms had taken them or what they'd done. For all he knew, both of them could have been dead by now. A small sigh escaped him, for some reason that thought was almost distressing.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, lorenzo belli (haunting ground), zetsu (naruto)
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