Sekai Saionji (lefttotheworld) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Sekai Saionji

Wake up, dear - [Complete]

Characters: Saya, Sekai, Koizumi and Zetsu
Setting: Red Bedroom
Time: Day 005, afternoon
Summary: Saya finds a Sekai crashing in her room! She does things to her?
Warnings: lol brainbreak

It felt like it had been several days, now, since Sekai arrived in the house. And for all intents and purposes, it had been - there was no mistaking the amount of hours that'd passed (the occasional glance at her phone had confirmed it, too, even if she'd been keeping it off more often than not to conserve batteries), even if it was still pretty much bright out.

She'd accomplished enough, at least - she'd done a lot of exploring, met some people, and gotten a weapon to defend herself...

It was about time to crash again, though - she selected a room at pretty much random, unsure whether or not it was occupied, but figuring it would be okay to just rest there for a couple of hours, regardless.

She entered a little cautiously, before stretching out, setting the knife she'd been carrying to the side, and starting to get ready to sleep before climbing into the bed to do just that; sleep for a couple of hours.
Tags: !complete, !day 005, *acedia, koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), saya (saya no uta), sekai saionji (school days), zetsu (naruto)
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