Leo (knightmystere) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

New Devilry [Complete]

Characters: Saya and Leo.
Setting: Right outside the Dark Bedroom
Time: Early during Night 005
Summary: Leo sees strange things inside the Dark Bedroom. He's just about to investigate it when...
Warnings: None yet.

Leo had failed to find even a single clue within the tunnels. He had been searching for a great while, and even with his superior hearing and sense of smell, there had been no sign of anything or anyone. The beastman had emerged into the kitchen around sunset, and although he had gathered rations from the kitchen, resting and eating as needed, he had been out of food for a while. Leo had eaten almost ravenously then, before gathering the least perishable food he could find and placing it carefully in his pack.

Leo had just exited the kitchen when the sun had completely set - and the house changed entirely. Disturbing images filled the hellish place once again, and the knight drew his sword, treading carefully through the house. There was no sign whatsoever of anyone else, and Leo shifted uncomfortably, anger rather than fear coursing through him at the way he felt as if he were sinking through one of the rooms.

He had disposed of the strange, monstrous women in the hallways easily, having trained himself to take out a hoard of monsters with a minimum of damage. They were tough, but to a beastman, not particularly strong, so Leo continued forward with a minimum of bruises and an increase in anger.

Eventually, the large beastman had made his way through his ghastly settings to a strange room where yellow eyes to peered out menacingly. Giving a deep, angry growl, Leo bellowed a challenge, sharp fangs baring themselves. "I do not fear you, unholy beasts!" He moved as if to step inside the room, ready to charge in and destroy any threats. What if one of the many innocents he had encountered earlier in this damned place was in need of aid? Those creatures, whatever they were, may very well be prepared to harm others, and the White Knight would be dead before he allowed that.
Tags: !complete, !night 005, saya (saya no uta), white knight leo (lunar 2: eternal blue)
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