unlondoner (unlondoner) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Procrastination = Risk of Death [Active/Open]

Characters: Deeba, Anyone within earshot?
Setting: Hallway of second floor main/princess room, moving
Time:Very beginning of Night 005
Summary: Deeba finds out what nighttime in the house is like.
Warnings: Possibility of death and gore?? Maybe some carton brutality?

Deeba ran fast and hard down the hallway. A horde of faceless, human-things whimsically dressed up as nurses- the blood stains and blunt weapons definitely dulled down that whimsy- followed closely behind her. Their movements were jerky and spastic, but still fast.

Deeba screamed for help as loudly as she could, "HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! OH GOD- WHAT ARE THESE THINGS!? SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!"

She cursed herself for not double checking her supplies sooner. Last minute she'd noticed that she was running low on water and a few other things. She'd hurried down to the kitchen as fast as she could, but she'd cut it to close, and night had fallen. Now she was in this mess.

She'd been practicing with her Ungun. She now knew that anything put inside the chamber was greatly exaggerated when shot out. The same was true in reverse for anything sucked into the gun when she fired an empty chamber. It was all so simple and clear to her now, if only she could get back to tell the others in UnLondon.

Since this discovery, Deeba had wandered about the house filling the gun with small things she hoped would be useful at a greater scale. She'd so far found a pebble, a toothpick, a leaf, a piece of wire, and a crumb of bread (she hoped the crumb might provide food during the long night).

But right now she was too afraid to use it- too afraid to think. All she could do was run.
Tags: !night 005, #monsters, deeba resham (un lun dun), mew (pokémon), vash (trigun)
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