Alphonse Elric (flowing_alchemy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Alphonse Elric

Break down [Incomplete]

Characters: Alphonse and Red XIII - later Lorenzo and Anna
Setting: Maid's quarters
Time: Night 005, a while after Zetsu dies and Ed gets kidnapped
Summary: Al panics, Red comes along and sees what's happened
Warnings: Angst? And stuff

What had he done?

Alphonse shook slightly as he sat on the floor, not far from Zetsu - from the body in front of him. He'd been left there long enough, now, that he'd had time to realize...just what had happened, before. He'd snapped totally out of his blinded craze; the desire to attack and kill was gone now. But he'd realized what he'd done - there was no denying the sickening feeling that came along with the horrible thing he'd done.

Mio... and...and Edward. His brother had run away - left him there.

"What are you?"

He...he was a monster, wasn't he?

"What did you do to my brother?"


Alphonse hardly felt the throbbing pain throughout his body from Zetsu's attacks. Even Edward's....oh God, Edward's. Those hard...hurt him so badly, in more ways than one. The ache of his body as he was pounded on, and pinned, the horrible sting of the words, the...the fact that it was his brother. The one he'd practically dedicated his life to. The one who...who meant more to than anything else.

But he...he deserved it all. All of it. All of it was nothing compared to what he'd done...


He'd killed his friend.

The next thing Alphonse knew he was doubled over, near the body, spitting up, heaving and vomitting - expelling everything from the bloodied corpse that was in his mouth, and the food he'd eaten earlier on (he wasn't even sure how long - oh god he was even hungry), all onto the floor near the corpse. He was disgusted at himself, and so afraid and sickened...he'd killed a man. That alone was disgusting, and made even worse by the fact that it was someone he probably could have called a friend, in the past - before this. He'd...honestly killed someone. The whole room smelt of it - all around. Just...death. And now he was a monster. Edward and Mio - his friend and his brother were afraid of him, and hated him and...

He was afraid, too. Of himself and of what he'd done. He clutched at his head once he found he couldn't vomit any more, empty eyes shut tight. He wanted to cry but he honestly couldn't - he wanted to do something other than sit there and shake...he let out a scream as he curled up a little, but that soon broke into something like sobbing.

He...didn't know what to do, honestly. He didn't want to leave the body there...he didn't want to touch it...something in him told him to take it away, to the basement he'd been in before; he dreaded that thought, but honestly thought it might be the best course of action. For the time being he just shook, sobbing softly as he tried to figure everything out.

Oh God...
Tags: !incomplete, !night 005, #hellhounds, #monsters, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), anna marshall (soprano sorceress), lorenzo belli (haunting ground), red xiii/nanaki (final fantasy vii)
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