Machi Tobaye (machitobaye) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Machi Tobaye

Lucky Cricket [Closed, Complete]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Open
Setting: Cricket Bedroom
Time: Day 001, Early evening?
Summary: Machi finds a slightly noisy room, but is too tired to care.
Warnings: Bugs, Zetsu, violence, etc.

Jonouchi had been interesting and... not... unpleasant to be around, but if he was going to be here a while he was going to need his own space. The problem was that he didn't want to stumble in on anyone else--the card game guy had been nice enough, but Machi wasn't really trusting anyone else to be. Or rather, he wasn't trusting anyone else not to be a bother. He passed the corner of the hallway and selected the first door immediately in front of him (well, slightly to his left), pushing it open and peering inside.

... it... was full of bugs. Not real ones, but... big brown ones he didn't know the English name for. Crickets. There was even a small toy one on the bed. ... and he could hear them. The room was empty, though, so he supposed it could be his. He'd certainly slept in weirder places, anyway, and he was tired now. Time... seemed to be broken, or not working right, or something here, since he was far more trashed than even an experience had any right to leave him. Closing the door behind him, he wandered about for a bit, just seeing what was in the room before taking a seat on the bed and lying back, letting his legs hang off the edge. He took off his sunglasses and tossed them onto the pillow, closing his eyes. Maybe he'd wake up back home. He wouldn't doubt it.

...what a weird day.
Tags: !complete, !day 001, machi tobaye (ace attorney), naminé (kingdom hearts), zetsu (naruto)
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