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Dangerous Daffodil Doll? [Complete][Closed]

Characters: Namine
Setting: Daffodil Bedroom
Time: Day 001, Morning
Summary: Namine takes up residence in the Daffodil room and tries very hard to ignore the other occupant.
Warnings: Creepy doll, distressed Nami-chan, long and boring.

  It took Namine some time to realize that the sun had been up just a little too long. 

  She'd never been one to notice the passing of time much; almost the entirety of her life had been spent consumed by seemingly endless work in nearly or completely windowless white rooms.  Clocks were not part of her life.  She'd never even seen the normal sky before now anywhere but the memories of others.  And yet, when, after what felt like hours of wandering, she began to grow tired, she realized that the light had hardly changed.  Was she really so out of shape?

  Regardless, as time dragged on, she found herself in need of sustenance and sleep and other things of the like.  At first she convinced herself that it was all in her mind, but as she began to feel woozy from hunger, she finally accepted that it was not her imagination.  She made a careful trip to the kitchen, snitching only some cereal to hold her over - she was not confident in her ability to use the stove, as she had no such experience. At least she wouldn't be able to hurt herself just pouring cereal.  Perhaps later she would try the microwave - but as the thought occurred to her, she realized that it was odd; she was probably not going to be here long... right?  Nobody that she knew of had found a way out yet, but... certainly someone would come to remove them soon?  Someone had to live here.


  After feeding herself, she returned almost absentmindedly to sit on the same couch she'd occuppied before, waiting for the owner of the home to make an appearance.  After some time, the silence got to her, and she moved on.  She spent several more hours awkwardly wandering the house, peering into some of the rooms she had not before explored, in case she'd missed something.  But eventually, she could deny it no longer - she needed rest.

  She picked a room as far away from the 'main' pathway of the house, tucked into a little side hallway.  It was very yellow, and daffodils seemed to be a common theme.  It felt very... childish, somehow - perhaps it was the stuffed rabbit sitting on the bed.  At first, she stood awkwardly near the door, which she had carefully shut, eyeing the bed's current occupant carefully.  The bunny was very cute, to be certain, but... something about it made her skin crawl.  Perhaps it was just that this whole house was odd, put her on edge, but anything with eyes unnerved her.  The bathroom full of dolls had been far worse (her stomach had done such intense twisting that she felt she might lose her cereal, and she'd very quickly shut the door just a little too hard), but this was just... creepy.

  She carefully picked up the doll as though it might bite her and set it down on one of the tables.  After a moment's thought, she turned it around so that it faced the wall.  When at last she lay down on the bed, it was on top of the covers, and she could not help but crack an eye open to peer at the doll every so often until at last she drifted off to sleep.

  When she awoke, she straigthened the sheets as best she could and left the room quickly.  But it was to this room that she kept coming back when she grew tired - as if sleeping in it once had claimed it as hers.  Still, she always slept on top of the covers, and made sure to leave it in the same condition she found it.  ...Except for the rabbit.  When she came back, it was always back on the bed where it had been the first time.  This terriffied her more than she cared to express, but the rabbit's presence had not yet caused her any trouble other than trouble sleeping, and so she continued to return to that room.

  After some time of wandering, she took a trip to the storeroom that she'd come across, hoping to find something in the way of entertainment.  What she found was several canvasses and some art supplies - a very lovely find indeed.  She would have spent more time in there, searching for something else to use - regular paper, for instance - but for some reason, she began to feel a little sick.  Taking along a single canvas (she had to hobble a little, because it was entirely too large for someone her size to carry comfortably) and some pencils, she retreated to 'her' room.  There she stayed as the light in the house slowly changed, only exiting to acquire more food and supplies, although she did her best to conserve space on the canvas.

Tags: !complete, !day 001, naminé (kingdom hearts)
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