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Never feed it after midnight [Active/Open]

Characters: Kiryuu Zero, Anita Blake, Nozomu Itoshiki, open
Setting: Blue Kitchen
Time: Night 001
Summary: Zero picks up some shinies and makes himself a midnight snack.
Warnings: none

The trip to the kitchen had been mostly uneventful. Zero had been able to hear fighting going on in the main tract of the house, screams and shots, but had not happened upon anyone, or anything, himself, until he had reached the Main Room. There he had had a run in with with those annoying Shadow Critters again. Although a lot less vicious than those in the Dark Room they had put a severe damper to his idea to later crash in the Main Room. Never mind the sounds of constructions that were nearly deafening. What the fuck was going on here? The whole place made no sense.

The kitchen had proved to be blessedly free of monsters. What he had come for had soon been found, two kitchen knives, one long, the other short, both with honed edges, had been tucked away into his belt, the blades hidden under the tails of his jacket, and some food to take along. Who fucking knew how long this night would last and if it would remain so easy to get into the kitchen.

Food, that was one of his main problems and why he was still standing there, staring at a glass of water as if it contained the answer to life's questions. Or at least the answer to get out of here.
Zero had eaten while he was here, yet hunger was still gnawing at his insides. A hunger that couldn't be stilled with anything this kitchen had to offer.
A few pills lay scattered on the counter top.
They probably were not going to work. Again.
Zero sighed and picked one up with slightly shaky fingers.
But he still had to try.
Tags: !night 001, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), kiryuu zero (vampire knight), nozomu itoshiki(sayonara zetsubousensei)
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