Naotaka Komatsu (good2be_emperor) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Naotaka Komatsu

Pinch me because I'm still sleeping [Open/Active]

Characters: Shoryu, Open
Setting: The Mother's Study (First floor, East Wing)
Time: Night 001
Summary: The En-Ou takes a break in a haunted study.
Warnings: None for now.

He'd lost sight of the young lady he'd met initially. She seemed nice, in a timid sort of way, and Shoryu hadn't really intended on abandoning her. Still, these things happen and he couldn't go looking for her now.

The monsters hadn't come as a surprise, however much the Emperor didn't like them. It was hard to surprise someone like the En-ou, and he made short work of the creatures before their numbers swelled and he'd retreated behind the first available door. It seemed that some rooms were safe from the beasts, so long as the door was shut.

Funny how what kept them imprisoned also kept them safe. He'd make a run for the downstairs kitchen and bathroom and mess around with the taps and the cupboards of strange food when the monsters dispersed enough, or he could, at least, catch his breath.

It was quiet in the room he'd come in. There was a distant sound of construction but otherwise it was quite peaceful.

He was tired, as though he hadn't slept in days. In fact, he was sure he hadn't, although it only seemed like midnight outside.

Shoryu was tired. Exhausted even, and he took in his surroundings with an expression of dreary indifference. No one was here, and he didn't get the same overwhelming feeling of dread he did in the places where the monsters lurked. And it was quiet.

A little rest, and then he would go back to that bathroom full of dolls and bathe. He was a mess, and covered in shallow cuts that needed to be cleaned. And then he would eat. Eating would probably be good. As an immortal, he could do fine without food, but he would still feel the pangs of hunger even if he would never die of starvation. Atsuya's father always came to mind when he thought about that. Never dying, but trapped below ground feeling thirst and hunger and all the other things that could kill a normal man. He wondered if he'd be trapped in this house like that? For decades on end?

No, Tentei would probably deem him a bad emperor for not getting back to En in a timely fashion, Enki would become sick with the Shitsudo, and die.

Or Shoryu would kill himself before that happened.

He took a few tentative steps into the room. There were shelves of books, a desk and a painting on the wall. It was a nice study, very elegant. But that was the last thing on his mind. It was safe and quiet, and Shoryu didn't need much else before slumped down in the windowsill, resting his cheek against the cool glass, his sword held in the crook of his arm.

As he dozed, he didn't notice the figure that appeared at the desk.

Tags: !character death, !complete, !night 001, #ghosts, #hellhounds, #monsters, en-ou shoryu (juuni kokki), fiona belli (haunting ground), nozomu itoshiki(sayonara zetsubousensei)
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