Jonouchi Katsuya (norainujanai) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Jonouchi Katsuya

Obligatory Shower Scene [Complete]

Characters: Jonouchi, Zetsu, Suigintou, Rayne cameo
Setting: Doll Bathroom
Time: Somewhat later night!
Summary: Jonouchi gets cleaned up, and who can resist the sexy?
Warnings: Nudity! Hot duelist bod ahoy! Also, Rayne exists.

When Jonouchi awoke from his sleep, he realized three things. One, he had been out for a long time. Two, he was hungry as hell. Three, he stank something awful. There was nothing he could do about the first one, but the second and third he figured he should take care of.

Night descended as he made his way to the kitchen. He didn't know it, but he had barely managed to miss a monster mangling. There was the unease and the nausea, but that was easy enough write off. Anyone would feel uneasy at night in a strange place they were in without knowing how they got there. As for the nausea, how long had it been since he had a good meal? He wasn't sure, but it felt like days. Anyone, he reasoned, would feel sick after not eating for so long.

He stuffed himself in the kitchen, and once he finished, he made his way to the doll bathroom. He somehow managed not to run into anyone else, but couldn't be sure if it was luck or a curse. On the one hand, this seemed like the sort of place you'd find a chainsaw wielding nut waiting around the corner to saw you in half. On the other hand, he got a bad feeling about those shadows - it was like they were watching him. The less time he spent in the Grand Room that night, the better.

Things were a little better in the bathroom at least. The doll was unnerving, but unlike the shadows, at least he could see what the hell it was. He put it from his mind as he stripped down, tossing each article of clothing into the corner as it came off. He shook his bare ass at the creepy doll, giving it a smack. No better way to put himself at ease then taunting fear in the face. "You like what you see, eh? Look all you want, but you're not getting any of this!"

He switched on the water and took his time in the bath, enjoying the feel of the watter running down his body. He never took much time to enjoy baths and showers back home, but in a place this fancy it seemed almost mandatory. Once he had cleaned himself up a bit, he wrapped himself in a towel and looked down at his pile of clothes. His pants were alright, but he couldn't keep wandering around in that smelly shirt. Switching on the water again, he gave his shirt and boxers a good washing. It wasn't something he was fond of doing, but given his lower class background, hand washing clothes wasn't something completely foreign to him.

When he finished, he found ways to kill time as they dried. First he raided the cabinets, glad when he found some deodorant to use. Then he made sure his Duel Disk was charged and in working order, checking his cards and giving the deck a shuffle after that. When his clothes still weren't dry, he took to drastic measures. Plugging in a hair dryer, he started blow-drying his boxers. He finished and slipped them on - nice and toasty! - followed by his pants. All that was left was the shirt, which he set to work on.

As he dried it off, he couldn't help but wonder how long he'd been awake for. It felt like hours, but he didn't have any way of being sure. When he got back to Domino, he told himself, he'd save up some money and finally get a watch.
Tags: !complete, !night 001, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), rayne (bloodrayne), suigintou (rozen maiden), zetsu (naruto)
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