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When darkness comes you know I'm never far [Active/Open]

Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki and whoever (or whatever) bumps into him
Setting: At the entrance room
Time: Night 001
Summary: Ichigo arrives
Warnings: PG-13 for Ichigo's mouth and horror?

His mind was spinning, how long he was on that floor he couldn't re-call. Ichigo blinked heavily as focus started to kick in. What the hell just happened? He remembered a strange falling sensation but nothing else. He placed a hand on the floor and pushed himself up, blinking the daze from his head. A large scowl came across his face as sounds of construction rang in his ear. What the hell? He didn't remember being anywhere near a construction sight...the last thing he re-called was coming home from school. Ichigo pushed himself slowly off the floor before rubbing at his head, as soon as sense finally sunk into his head he froze completely in his spot.

He was in a house, a very unfamiliar house. But that wasn't the thing that bothered him the most...the spiritual energy of this place was damn near suffocating. He quickly leaned down and picked up his bag, sweat started to slowly form on his brow as whispers flooded his ears. He blinked and shook his head quickly, his stomach turning completely. Instinct told him to do one thing and one thing alone. Escape.

He whipped around, eyes fixed on the on the door. Ichigo's hands shot out towards it, wrapping around the knob and twisting it. God damn it, it wouldn't turn! He gave it one swift pound with his fist before letting out a loud swear before turning around. The voices and sounds of construction ringed heavily in his ear. His hair stood completely on end as he stepped forward, he thumbed the badge that rested in his pocket quickly, he couldn't do anything just yet...he needed to find a safe place to hide his body. But where the hell was safe? Who the hell was behind this?

Ichigo was going to find out the answer and he was going to find them out now, standing up straight he rushed off into the house, eyes franticly scanning his new environment.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 001, anita blake (anita blake:vampire hunter), ichigo kurosaki (bleach)
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