Alphonse Elric (flowing_alchemy) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Alphonse Elric

Sea of Monsters [Active/Closed]

Characters: Alphonse and Machi
Setting: Grand Room/East Hallway
Time: Night 006, possibly around midnight? ;;
Summary: Monster boys meet!
Warnings: None?

Alphonse was staying mostly to himself, for the time being - he wasn't sure what he should do, and though a sort of boredom was starting to set in, he wasn't about to go wandering off, or anything like that. Not now; he'd really started to learn his lesson, after his last experience doing...such things as that, and being scolded and berated. He would try to avoid doing anything 'wrong' again, at the very least, and do as he was told...

He'd been told to stay in the Grand Room, this time around - it seemed to be safe, as long as he stayed out of sight and out of mind of the monsters, so he could wait for Lorenzo, there, for the...couple of minutes or however long until the older man returned - which would hopefully be soon, though Alphonse wasn't entirely sure why he'd be asked to wait in the first place. It just wasn't his place to ask, anyway...

But he...he smelt something. He wasn't sure what - who? - it was, just that it smelt incredibly like some of the monsters from earlier...and then somehow a lot more human than that. He wasn't sure - maybe it wasn't one scent at all? He faltered when he realised he was moving slowly closer to the source of the scent, and sniffing softly at the air. He hesitated and just...tried to think logically through it. Maybe someone from the house trouble, with one of the monsters? Or it could be nothing at all...but he really did wonder, and...he ought to check, just in case it was the former, not the latter. He crept a little bit closer to the scent (was it even from the Grand Room at all? With the amount he'd started to move, and...even the sounds around him, he was somehow doubting that), before hesitantly - nervously calling out.

Tags: !night 006, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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