Kairi (heartsawakening) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Oceans Away [Complete]

Characters: Kairi, Mew, Fletcher, Kei.
Setting: Entrance Room.
Time: Night 006, around 8-9 P.M.
Summary: Kairi arrives at Dollsyhouse.
Warnings: None, yet?

For a while, she thought she was still at the beach.

"Riku! Come on and stop moping. Come swim with us!"

The silver-haired teen's blank expression seemed to waver like a television screen in a storm. The brief image of a frown twitched onto his lips. "I don't want to get wet."

"You won't stay dry for long once I'm through with you!" The brunette teased, flopping clown-like through the gently crashing waves.

"Come on, Riku. It's fun. Haven't you missed . . . ?"

Riku moved his icy blue eyes in her direction. The redhead looked over her shoulder, wisps of hair blowing in her face to look into those eyes. 'His eyes couldn't lie.' King Mickey was right. More than anything, she knew, Riku just wanted to be normal again. He wanted to forget being consumed by the darkness completely. But she knew that a little part of the thought would always remain. Memories like that always did.

Despite her worry, she smiled as sweetly as she could. Her motto? Keep on smiling, and it'll cheer even the darkest of people up. She was their light. She had learned that.

There was a splashing noise and a muffled curse, followed by laughter.

"You little—"

Riku, his shining hair now dripping, tackled Sora and wrapped his muscular arm around the boy's neck in a headlock. Sora 'arggh'ed good-naturedly.

Kairi couldn't help but giggle with delight. She could tell that Riku was being careful with him. He still felt guilty. That was all right; he would learn. She'd help him. She'd help both of them through it.

It wasn't easy, adjusting.

She heard the rolling of the wave before she felt it. The breeze tousled her crimson locks once more, spattering her cheek with salt and water. Water began to seep into her already soaked shoes.

This wave . . . it's strong. It's like—

A dream?

Liquid pressure knocked against her legs. They tangled up beneath her, and she slipped. And fell.

Her blue eyes were alight with pleasant shock as they met with Sora and Riku's struggling, playing forms. Having lived on Destiny Islands since she was five, she was used to waves knocking her down all the time. She was just surprised it was so powerful.

Like a sand castle crumbling to the ground beneath the waves . . .

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

She blinked. The landing had been rather, well, hard. Kairi had been playing in shallow water, true, but—

. . Wait. Where were her friends?

The fifteen year-old let out a small groan, propping herself up slowly with an elbow and rubbing her head where she had hit it. It wasn't wet sand she felt beneath her. Stone. Marble, in fact. Cold, hard, relentless marble – like bone. She looked up, blinking and squinting her eyes to try and adjust to the dimness of the room she now found herself in.

. . Was there a portal? Did I fall into one?

But . . . there were no more portals. The Organization XIII was gone. All of them. And Riku could no longer summon them.

Maybe Roxas, or Naminé, did this.


She called out to her Nobody softly in her mind but gained no response. She hadn't been expecting one. Ever since she combined with her blonde-haired Nobody, she hadn't been able to speak to her. Maybe she wasn't supposed to. She was . . . whole again, after all.

Now, to figure out what world this was. Sora or Riku would be here soon, so she'd just have to wait around for a bit.

Standing up might have been a good idea, but she didn't think of it, yet, still a bit dazed and confused.
Tags: !complete, !night 006, fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), kairi (kingdom hearts), kei amakura (fatal frame), mew (pokémon)
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