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Sleep, just sleep (Active/OPEN)

Characters: Zetsu (sort of), anyone who wants to come in and harass him/each other or whatever. No permission necessary, just come post~! ♥
Setting: Fairy Bedroom
Time: Early Day 007, after Zetsu chills out in the bathroom
Summary: Zetsu is not equipped to handle cold weather. >: Thus, he dies 4eva passes out for a very long nap to try and sleep it off.
Warnings: Um.... comatoseness?

The shower had been exactly what he'd thought it was--a temporary fix. Extremely temporary, at that. Just stepping out of the bathroom was like a slap to the face, damn near enough to make him reel from the shocking transition from humid warmth to biting cold. It had been enough to make him retreat back to the linen closet and grab several blankets to bring upstairs with him; he definitely could use them. And besides, he was so tired now.... The jarring change and brief reprieve from the cold couldn't have helped him, nor could being outside in the snow last night. Just being in the house while it was this cold was making it hard to stay upright, and his leaves had started itching terribly, right around the roots.

By the time he had made it upstairs (what with the experiment's injuries, he had opted to not stay in the Perfume Bedroom, to ensure that Nataku wouldn't attack him) to the Fairy Bedroom, Zetsu was exhausted and thoroughly chilled, too out of it to even remember to close the door behind him. His vision was bleary, he could barely keep his eyes open anyway, and the fog settling over his mind made it hard to think coherently; his leaves were itching hard enough to hurt, besides. The extra blankets were spread out over the little nest he'd made himself in the corner, and Zetsu dropped his cloak on the floor without much thought, reaching to try and relieve the stinging in his shoulders. Awkwardly broad as his leaves were, it proved difficult; Zetsu resigned himself to backing up instead, arching his back a little and rubbing against the wall.

It hurt. It hurt, but it also felt far better than it had any right to; He sighed as a weight fell from him, both literally and metaphorically. The pain was fading now, and a part of him, too.... He could feel his partner's presence receding, blowing away like a wisp of smoke in the wind. Zetsu stared dumbly down at the ground, where a pair of large, withered leaves and small stumps of their roots lay discarded, scraped off against the wall as easily as one peeled a useless scab off of a long-healed wound. The skin that had been around them sagged strangely without the plant to fill it, unbloodied but tender, and he could just make out glimpses of the pale white internal roots his leaves had been severed from. His stomach turned and he blinked slowly; he didn't know if he wanted to be sick, or cry, or something else entirely. Part of him was dead. Dead and gone, and he felt numb and hollow without it, incomplete, worthless. His mind spun with exhaustion and something like dim, hazy grief--maybe he should lay down and wait to follow. Surely if his plant had died, he would die soon after? Was it even possible to survive without it, after so long?

The metal of his hitai-ate was cold; he pulled it off and tossed it onto his cloak, kicked off his sandals to join them, and stumbled half-blind to his pile of blankets. The plantless man crawled under them and curled up, barely visible as anything save a human-shaped lump; all he wanted to do now was be in someplace dark and warm, and wait for it to end, and the blankets were doing a reasonable enough job of providing both. He fell deeply asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow, nearly cold to the touch now, vital signs drastically slowed and shallowed from anything that could be considered healthy. After so much effort, he had finally succumbed to the cold--and now that he had, he wouldn't be waking up for a long time to come.

((OOC: Basically a post for me to explain WTF Zetsu's gonna be doing for the next couple weeks, and for other people to meet and mingle. :3bb As Zetsu's gonna be hibernating from now to whenever, I won't be posting again in this thread unless I'm needed, so feel free to harass him while he's asleep, or bother each other, or whatever you guys want~))
Tags: !complete, !day 007, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), lorenzo belli (haunting ground), zetsu (naruto)
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