The lights are fading out once more (Active/Simi-Closed)

Characters: Portgas D. Ace, Lantern Keeper
Setting: Mother's Study
Time: Night 19
Summary: Ace goes into the Mother's Study with no intentions,asks a few questions
Warnings: Ace is insane. No joke. Also this thread has a plan, so if you want in, talk to me first and we'll see how it will work.

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Excuse me but WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT.

silicone, saline, poison, inject me [active/open]

Characters: Rue, the fae, OPEN to whoever wants in
Setting: After a horrendously long OP, the Fairy Bedroom.
Time: Night 019
Summary: Rue meets and throws a shoe at the Faceless Nurses, hides in the Fairy Bedroom and loses her other shoe, and is introduced to one of the most ironic ways for her to ever die, ever.
Warnings: Extraordinarily long intro, ~*~MONSTERS,~*~ usual irritable prima donna with pointy shoes bare feet. :|

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Stop trying to get my pants off! [Active, Closed]

Characters: Ciel, Break, Mello
Setting: Backstage
Time: Day 19
Summary: Ciel gets molested learns to dress himself and lots of secret-sharing between the three.
Warnings: The obligatory cursing warning whenever Mello's involved, Ciel in his knickers, and REALLY BAD fashion.

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The stars lean down to kiss you

Somewhere there is a happy affair [active/open]

Characters: Link (agentle_green), Marth (spiritofanri)
Setting: Acedia, copper bathroom
Time: Early Day 19, before the bugs show up
Summary: It's been a few months since the two heroes ended up here and grooming is rather important to the Prince...
Warnings: Guy love warning goes here fo sho

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They're he-ere [Active/Open, but ask first]

Characters: Mello, Oz, anyone else
Setting: The dawn room
Time: Day 19, Around the time the beetles start to appear.
Summary: Oz and Mello meet under some odd circumstances and get attacked by beetles.
Warnings: Definite animal/insect abuse, a bought of insanity, nasty heat, and bugs. So many bugs.

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